11 Claymore ETFs to close in February

claymore etfsOn Friday, Claymore Securities announced plans to liquidate 11 ETFs by February 19.

The statement by Claymore implied that the effected ETFs lacked marketplace appeal. The firm noted that the ETFs were lightly followed and represented less than 2% of the firm’s assets.

The impacted ETFs include:

  • Claymore/BIR Leaders 50 ETF
  • Claymore/BIR Leaders Mid-Cap Value ETF
  • Claymore/BIR Leaders Small-Cap Core ETF
  • Claymore/Robeco Boston Partners Large-Cap Value ETF
  • Claymore/LGA Green ETF
  • Claymore/KLD Sudan Free Large-Cap Core ETF
  • Claymore/Clear Mid-Cap Growth Index ETF
  • Claymore/Zacks Growth & Income Index ETF
  • Claymore/IndexIQ Small-Cap Value ETF
  • Claymore/Robeco Developed World Equity ETF
  • Claymore/Clear Global Vaccine Index ETF

Claymore was the third-fastest growing exchange-traded fund provider in 2007 and plans to launch several additional ETFs in 2008.

Read more at Claymore’s website.

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