ETF Advisor Spotlight: Lambert Advisors – Philadelphia, PA

Lambert Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm offering wealth management services to various categories of institutional, family and individual clients in a fiduciary capacity. Our work with clients begins with a thorough process in which we develop together a Wealthcare plan.

Lambert Advisors’ service is implemented on a discretionary basis managed by the firm through investments in individual equities, mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, cash-equivalents and other instruments. Based on client-specific factors Lambert Advisors may recommend using a separate account investment manager. Depending on the suitability for the client, Lambert Advisors may also recommend hedge funds/funds of funds and privately placed investments. Lambert Advisors provides investment advisory services that relate to matters such as allocation of assets among different classes, global portfolio diversification, management of portfolio risk and other general economic and financial topics.

For more information, please visit theĀ Lambert Advisors profile in the ETF MarketPro advisor directory.

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