Getting Started with Currency ETFs

currency etfsInterested in learning more about currency ETFs? Check out Rydex Investments CurrencyShares page.

The website includes links to weekly commentary and data analysis notes, an overview of the benefits and risks of currency investing and a simple four step process for getting started.

CurrencyShares offers currency ETFs on NYSEArca for:

The CurrencyShares product is different from an ETN structure in that it is set up as a grantor trust which means that CurrencyShares represent an undivided interest in currency held in a bank account. ETNs are effectively unsecured promissory notes.

Investors makes money when the value of the currency held by the Trust appreciates relative to the U.S. dollar. It works the other way too. If the currency held depreciates relative to the dollar, investors lose money. Altough earning income and paying interest is not an investment objective of the CurrencyShares Trusts, some do distribute interest.

If you have an interest in the tax implications of investing in currency ETNs and the CurrencyShares Trusts, see Rydex’s note on the recent IRS Ruling 2008-1.

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