Is the Smart Money on Clean Energy?

Mark Tutton discusses clean energy in his recent article, “The Smart Money’s on Green.”

The credit crunch has rattled the clean energy sector. During the first quarter of 2008, the Wilderhill New Energy Global Innovation Index (NEX) fell by 17.9%.

Despite the credit situation, the clean energy sector is considered a golden opportunity for investors. Governments worldwide have ambitious CO2 cutting targets to meet and they will rely on the growth of alternative energy and development of new technologies to promote energy efficiency.

The industry has received over $5.8 billion in the second quarter of 2008 from private equity and venture capital and many prominent venture capitalists such as John Doerr, who funded Google, Amazon, and Sun Microsystems, believe we are entering a “green-tech boom.”

Walter Nasdeo, Managing Director of Ardour Capital Investments, recommends spreading your investments in an alternative energy “basket.” Funds you may want to research include the PowerShares Wilderhill Clean Energy Portfolio (PBW) and the PowerShares Global Clean Energy Portfolio (PBD).

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