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Buy the Haystack

Some financial advisers are moving away from actively managed bond funds in favor of ETFs. Jane Kim reports that the Pimco Total Return Fund may be so big that some investors say it can’t operate as effectively in some markets as it once did. That has has financial advisor Jeffrey Zures moving out of Pimco […]

Fixed Income ETFs Have Mixed Exposure to Greece

Ian Salisbury is reporting that investors with holdings in a popular fixed income ETF need not be concerned about direct exposure to the debt crisis in Greece. In the article, Bond-Fund Investors Can Rest Easy, Mostly, Salisbury writes that the $11 billion iShares Barclays Aggregate Bond Fund (AGG) has minimal international fixed income exposure. In […]

Banner Year for ETF Bond Funds

2009 was a good year for Bond ETFs. Through November 2009, taxable-bond ETFs had net inflows of $32 billion, the most among major asset classes according to a recent WSJ article by John Spence. Broad-based bond ETFs such as iShares Barclays Aggregate Bond Fund (AGG) and the Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF (BND) were popular […]

Investing in Bonds with ETFs

For investors willing to look beyond cash for yield, bonds are the next step up the risk ladder. The WSJ‘s Jonathan Burton explores how ETFs can play a role in his article Using ETFs for Bond Bets. Building a diversified portfolio of individual bonds is hard and expensive for most investors, so funds are the […]

Tricks of the ETF Trade

Ian Salisbury reviews the lessons learned from investing with exchange traded funds in the WSJ article The Tricks of the ETF Trade. Salisbury points out that investors need to look at things like volume, bid-ask spreads, premiums-discounts, indicative intraday value (IIV), limit vs. market orders and trading time of day. For example, Salisburby notes that […]

Opportunity in Corporate Bond ETFs

The New York Times Conrad De Aenlle published a story over the weekend on the current opportunity in corporate bonds. In the article Corporate Bonds Offer Opportunity, Aenlle summarizes the view of some bond specialists who contend that prices are so low and yields so high that they are immune from anything short of disaster […]

Barclays Lehman Deal Creates Conflict for iShares

The Financial Times’ Sophia Grene reported that a conflict will result from the pending acquisition of Lehman Brothers’ US Banking operation by Barclays Global Investors (BGI). In the story BGI iShares affected by Lehman acquisition, Grene notes that BGI’s iShares division runs $40bn of ETFs based on Lehman indices. BGI will either have to get […]

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