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Best ETFs for Agriculture Exposure

Investors looking to agriculture to their portfolio have several ETFs from which to choose. Gregory Zuckerman writes that investors can choose from exchange traded funds that own agriculture-related companies such as the Market Vectors Agribusiness ETF (MOO) or PowerShares Global Agriculture Portfolio (PAGG). An alternative is to invest directly in agriculture commodities through ETFs such […]

Saavy Bond Manager’s ETF Picks

The WSJ recently profiled Bill Tedford who runs a benchmark beating bond portfolio for Stephens Inc. Tedford is currently betting on an uptick in inflation and is positioning his portfolio appropriately. To help clients hedge against inflation, Stephens encourages the use of exchange traded funds to gain exposure to real assets with a recommended allocation […]

Inflation and ETFs

Exchange traded funds can play an important role in protecting a portfolio against inflation according to John Spence‘s article Whip Inflation with ETFs. Spence writes that using specialized exchange-traded funds to guard portfolios against inflation is becoming popular in light of massive government spending to combat the economic recession and the prospect of a weaker […]

Keeping a Toe in Commodities

Smart Money’s Rob Wherry recently examined the logic of maintaining commodities exposure in the midst of a major pullback. The article “Keep a Toe in Commodities Despite Pullback” points out that there are two themes that have been influencing the prices of all kinds of commodities: New emerging middle classes around the globe, and rising […]

Revisiting Agriculture ETFs

Agriculture produced the hottest stocks in 2007 and leading companies such as Potash and Mosaic have held on to their gains so far in 2008. Investors interested in agriculture ETFs have several options to choose from. Our favorite ticker symbol in the group is associated with Van Eck Global’s Market Vectors Agribusiness ETF (MOO). With […]

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