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How to Play China and a Weak Dollar with ETFs

Forbes columnist Jim Lowell takes a look at the investment implications of a strong China and a weak dollar in his column Riding China’s Wake. Lowell recommends taking a position in the commodities that feed China’s growth machine through the PowerShares DB Commodity Index (DBC). DBC tracks an index that is rules-based and composed of […]

ETF Portfolio – Long Term Growth

Kiplinger’s Jeffrey Kosnett has put together several model portfolios with the idea that you can pursue any goal with nothing more than exchange traded funds. Kosnett’s equity-only portfolio is designed for investors who have a healthy tolerance for risk and are investing for long-term growth. The portfolio includes 90% equity ETFs and 10% commodity ETFs: […]

Inflation and ETFs

Exchange traded funds can play an important role in protecting a portfolio against inflation according to John Spence‘s article Whip Inflation with ETFs. Spence writes that using specialized exchange-traded funds to guard portfolios against inflation is becoming popular in light of massive government spending to combat the economic recession and the prospect of a weaker […]

3 Portfolios for the Future

In the article How to Build a Portfolio Wisely and Safely, the WSJ’s Jeff Opdyke presents three approaches to building a portfolio in a time of great uncertainty. For investors looking to protect portfolios against inflation, Opdyke recommends treasury inflation-protected securities or TIPS since their principal adjusts upward along with inflation. Altough Opdyke mentions Vanguard’s […]

Gold Swings Wildly in Week of Hope and Fear

Investor’s Business Daily reporter Trang Ho takes a look at the recent action in gold ETFs in the article Gold Yo-Yos As Hope Tempers Fears. Ho points out that the spot price of gold surged last week as investors moved to commodities as fears mounted in the credit market and the Federal Reserve battled the […]

ETFs Gaining on Mutual Funds

Tribune Media Services columnist Andrew Leckey summarizes the current state of the fund wars in Mutual funds still dominant, but face challenger in etfs. Leckey notes that “although ETFs are much smaller, some experts predict they ultimately will win the long-term confrontation.” An ETF strong point has been the ability to quickly add specialties, including […]

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