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Gold ETFs for Value Investors

Forbes recently interviewed Jean-Marie Eveillard, the semiretired manager at First Eagle Investment Management, on his use of gold as part of his famously patient approach to value investing. According to the Forbes piece, Eveillard suggests individuals put 5 to 10% of their assets into gold.  Four ETFs listed by Forbes as “smart ways to play” […]

A Boom in Gold ETFs

Rising investor interest in Gold as an asset class has produced a bounty of Gold ETFs and ETNs. In the column Gold Rally Spurs a Boom in Funds, the WSJ‘s John Spence writes that investors worried about inflation and the global economy are stuffing cash into gold ETFs. As a result, we now have more […]

Inflation and ETFs

Exchange traded funds can play an important role in protecting a portfolio against inflation according to John Spence‘s article Whip Inflation with ETFs. Spence writes that using specialized exchange-traded funds to guard portfolios against inflation is becoming popular in light of massive government spending to combat the economic recession and the prospect of a weaker […]

Investors Seeking Safety in Gold ETFs

With gold up 30% from last fall and no end in sight for the stream of bad economic news, analysts and investors are flocking to the precious metal. The Financial Times Alice Ross writes in her column, Investors seek safe haven as good as gold, that Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and UBS are all now […]

Gold as a Diversification Tool

I saw a presentation from the World Gold Council today and was impressed with the investment case for gold as portfolio diversification tool. While gold has shown strong returns over recent years, its most valuable contribution to a portfolio lies in the fact that it is not correlated with most other assets, as shown in […]

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