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Another Look at the Risks and Benefits of ETNs

WSJ editor Karen Damato recently took another look at ETNs after last year’s credit crisis highlighted the risks of investing with exchange traded notes. The key difference between investing in ETFs and ETNs is whether you want to own a portfolio or own a promise.  However, although ETNs expose investors to credit risk, they do […]

Investors Pull $460 Million Out of ETNs

The WSJ‘s Ian Salisbury is reporting that exchange-traded notes or ETNs have seen investors yank $460 million from 90 ETNs in September. In the article Investors Sour on Exchange-Traded Notes, Salisbury adds that October could see further redemptions. The industry’s largest ETN, the iPath Dow Jones-AIG Commodity Index Total Return (DJP) saw 12% of its […]

More Warnings on ETNs

SmartMoney’s Paulette Miniter warns investors that the appeal of exchange traded notes or ETNs has faded in light of the current credit crisis. In the article, Banks’ Woes Make ETNs Too Risky Right Now, Miniter points out that ETNs are backed by the creditworthiness of the bank or investment company that issued them. Their cousins, […]

Strange Timing for New Commodities ETF?

In his recent Forbes column, Chartwell ETF Advisor editor Carl Delfeld asks the question, was the timing right for the introduction of the Jim Rogers advised commodities fund – Market Vectors-RVE Hard Assets Producers (HAP)? Delfeld points out that HAP is based on the Rogers-Van Eck index which declined 11% in July. He also notes […]

Keeping a Toe in Commodities

Smart Money’s Rob Wherry recently examined the logic of maintaining commodities exposure in the midst of a major pullback. The article “Keep a Toe in Commodities Despite Pullback” points out that there are two themes that have been influencing the prices of all kinds of commodities: New emerging middle classes around the globe, and rising […]

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