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Keeping it Simple

Investing in some of the newer and more exotic ETFs can be expensive according to Forbes. The article iShares Exotic ETFs points out that some of the newer funds with a narrow focus carry high expense ratios and trade at a larger than average bid-ask spread. The article recommends sticking with broad-based exchange traded funds […]

China Holds Large Stakes in ETFs

The WSJ is reporting that China’s sovereign wealth fund has large stakes in two exchange traded funds. According to reporter Dinny McMahon, the $300 billion China Investment Corp has over $250 million invested in the iShares S&P Global Materials ETF (MXI) and over $200 milion in the iShares MSCI EAFE Index ETF (EFA).

Favorite ETFs for Retirement Programs

More retirement programs are adopting the use of Exchange Traded Funds according to the WSJ‘s Ian Salisbury. In the article ETFs Make Inroads with 401(k) Investors, Mr. Salisbury writes that three companies that provide 401(k) plans with iShares ETFs to small employers are Ascensus, Plan Administrators and The Newport Group. The most popular ETFs in […]

Take Advantage of Current Market to Rebuild Your Portfolio with ETFs

The severe bear market is providing investors a rare opportunity to remake their portfolios while incurring little or no capital gains taxes. In the article It’s a Great Time for a Makeover, New York Times contributor Paul Lim relays advice from financial planners that now is the time for investors to think about overhauling their […]

International and US Stocks in a Portfolio

In a recent CNNMoney.com article, “Foreign ETFs to buy now”, The Mole provides investors with useful tips about investing in international funds. It is recommended to have exposure to international stocks; it is recommended to have exposure to US stocks as well. According to The Mole, there are several reasons why not having US stock […]

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