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Still bullish on Brazil

Smart Money columnist James Stewart writes that he has been taking profits on his oil positions but remains bullish on Brazil. Stewart has exposure to Brazil through the iShares MSCI Brazil Index Fund (EWZ).  The fund’s largest holding is Petrobras, a firm with enormous oil producing potential. The Brazil ETF’s second largest holding is Vale, […]

Individual Investors Embracing ETFs

Exchange traded funds are gaining popularity with individual investors according to a recent report published by Cogent Research LLC. In the article ETFs Gain Traction with Small Investors, WSJ reporter Ian Salisbury writes that the reasearch firm found an increasing percentage of small investors holding ETFs in their portfolio.  The funds are more popular among […]

Frontier Market ETFs Multiply

New ETFs are coming to market that provide exposure to smaller emerging market nations according to the WSJ‘s Daisy Maxey. In the article, ETFs Aim to Tame the Final Frontier, Maxey reports that the freshest entry is Van Eck Global’s Market Vectors Poland ETF (PLND).  The fund tracks an index of at least 25 companies […]

Emerging Market ETFs Rise and Fall on US Rescue Plan

SmartMoney‘s Rob Wherry notes that international markets are closely watching the development of the rescue plan for the US financial system. In his article Bernanke, Paulson Try to Sell Bailout Plan, Wherry notes that emerging markets reacted negatively over concerns the U.S. government’s plan wouldn’t be able to stop a global economic slowdown. The stock […]

The case for a Brazil ETF

Even if you only occasionally follow financial news, you will have heard of Brazil’s two largest companies – Petrobras and Vale. However, a strong investment case can be made for Brazil in general and gaining exposure through a Brazil ETF. Strong demand and rising prices for minerals have resulted in tremendous runs for two of […]

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