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Investing in Asia with ETFs

The $8 billion iShares FTSE-Xinhua China 25 Index Fund (FXI) is the lead exchange traded fund profiled in John Spence’s column Using ETFs to Invest in Asian Markets. Other China ETFs mentioned by Spence include the PowerShares GoldenDragon Halter USX China Portfolio (PGJ), SPDR S&P China ETF (GXC) and Claymore-AlphaShares China Small Cap ETF (HAO).

China ETFs – Long Term Growth or Short Term Bubble?

This year has seen China ETFs dramatically rise through July and then stumble in August. Is the market just taking a breather or are these the first signs of a collapsing bubble in China? These questions and more are addressed in the Forbes article Proceed, Cautiously, Into China. Writer Eric Platt points out that even […]

Global ETF Investments on Track to Reach $1 Trillion in 2009

The Financial Times is reporting that a new forecast by Barclays Global Investors predicts global investments in exchange traded funds to reach $1 trillion by year-end. Assets reached a record high of $862 billion at the end of July as strong demand for ETFs and rising stock markets lifted asset values. ETFs investing in Brazil, […]

Investing in China’s Growth Potential

In China, recovery already seems to be a reality according to Fortune’s Mina Kimes. In the recent article China on the march, again, Kimes writes that real estate, auto, and industrial sales have all bounced back this year, driving stocks on the Shanghai exchange up 50% since February. The velocity of the Chinese rebound surprised […]

China ETFs Bounce on Buybacks

China stocks have climbed over 20% from their low mark in mid-September. The Financial Times reports that state-owned firms responded to government initiatives and bought back shares of their listed subsidiaries. The parent companies of 20 listed firms have bought back shares since regulators announced moves to encourage the practice on Sunday. China ETFs include […]

When to Hold and When to Sell

Eleanor Laise of the Wall Street Journal discusses services to help investors with exit strategies in her recent article, “How to Know when to Hold, When to Sell”. Recent market volatility has made many investors wish they had a solid exit strategy in place. Many of last year’s star ETFs are now in a slump. […]

This Year’s Drop of China ETFs

Jesse Emspak of Investor’s Business Daily offers reasons for the decrease in China ETFs in his recent article, “U.S. Slowdown Shows in Drop of China ETFs”. The iShares FTSE/Xinhua25 (FXI) is down 22.74% since the start of the year. SPDRs S&P China (GXC) and Powershares Golden Dragon Halter USX (PGJ) have faced similar losses. The […]

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