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Option Traders Expect More Volatility for Gold Miners

The WSJ‘s Tennille Tracy is reporting that options traders are preparing for increased volatility in the stocks of gold mining companies. In yesterday’s trading, options investors were establishing a “strangle” position in the Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX) by buying March $30 puts and March $45 calls. The position will only be profitable if […]

Gold Bullion or a Gold ETF?

Larry Light explores the pros and cons of gold investing in his column Catching the Gold Bug. When deciding whether to buy and store gold bullion or to invest in a gold ETF like SPDR Gold (GLD), investors need to consider several issues. Light points out that buying gold is not cheap with markups on […]

Gold ETFs Lose Momentum

After a strong first quarter performance, gold prices, gold stocks and gold ETFs are falling along with other asset classes. Geoffrey Rogow writes in his Technically Speaking column that gold prices have finished lower in four of the past five weeks, including a 1% drop last week. ETFs that hold gold, including SPDR Gold Shares […]

Gold Approaches $1,000 (GLD)

Gold continues to be a hot topic in the world of exchange traded funds as the price approaches $1,000 and the all time high. In the article Gold Is Flirting With $1,000, Again; ‘There’s No Sign of the Market Tiring’, WSJ reporters Matt Whittaker and Allen Sykora write that a flight to safety by investors […]

Investors Seeking Safety in Gold ETFs

With gold up 30% from last fall and no end in sight for the stream of bad economic news, analysts and investors are flocking to the precious metal. The Financial Times Alice Ross writes in her column, Investors seek safe haven as good as gold, that Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and UBS are all now […]

Gold as a Diversification Tool

I saw a presentation from the World Gold Council today and was impressed with the investment case for gold as portfolio diversification tool. While gold has shown strong returns over recent years, its most valuable contribution to a portfolio lies in the fact that it is not correlated with most other assets, as shown in […]

Gold ETFs Lose Their Glitter

In the article Gold ETFs Aren’t Glittering Despite Turmoil, Smart Money columnist Dan Burrows points out that gold ETFs are well off of their March highs and are even being outperformed by the stocks of discounters like Wal-Mart (WMT) and Family Dollar (FDO). The puzzle comes from the fact that central banks around the world […]

ETF Investors are Number 7 in Gold Ownership

Financial Times Javier Blas reports that ETF investors now own over 1,000 tons of gold bullion making the group the seventh largest holder of the world’s gold reserves. In the article ETFs Build up Hoard of Gold, Blas notes that only the US, Germany, the IMF, Italy, France and Switzerland hold more gold than ETF […]

Gold Swings Wildly in Week of Hope and Fear

Investor’s Business Daily reporter Trang Ho takes a look at the recent action in gold ETFs in the article Gold Yo-Yos As Hope Tempers Fears. Ho points out that the spot price of gold surged last week as investors moved to commodities as fears mounted in the credit market and the Federal Reserve battled the […]

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