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Take Advantage of Current Market to Rebuild Your Portfolio with ETFs

The severe bear market is providing investors a rare opportunity to remake their portfolios while incurring little or no capital gains taxes. In the article It’s a Great Time for a Makeover, New York Times contributor Paul Lim relays advice from financial planners that now is the time for investors to think about overhauling their […]

Tricks of the ETF Trade

Ian Salisbury reviews the lessons learned from investing with exchange traded funds in the WSJ article The Tricks of the ETF Trade. Salisbury points out that investors need to look at things like volume, bid-ask spreads, premiums-discounts, indicative intraday value (IIV), limit vs. market orders and trading time of day. For example, Salisburby notes that […]

ETF ACADEMY: ETF Liquidity Part 1

CNBC reported this morning that holders of Auction Rate Preferred securities (see Nuveen’s ETFConnect.com for a good overview) were having problems getting their money out of their investments. In the investing world, the ability to get your money out of an investment is called liquidity. Since ETFs are a way to invest, liquidity is an […]

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