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Frontier Investing with ETFs is Back in Vogue

Money is flowing into exchange traded funds that specialize in investing in frontier markets according to the WSJ. In his column, The Final Frontier: Investing in Ghana, Jeff Opdyke writes that investors poured $375 million into frontier funds in the second half of 2009.   Investors are attracted to frontier markets because of faster economic growth, […]

Dubai Poses Risks for ETF Investors

Funds with heavy exposure to emerging markets took sudden hits and then recovered as markets reacted to news about Dubai’s debt problems according to the WSJ’s John Spence. The iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index Fund (EEM) lost about 4% on the Friday after Thanksgiving on the news.  ETFs with significant exposure to the UAE include […]

Middle East ETFs

More Middle East ETF choices will soon be available to investors based on Van Eck‘s registration of exchange-traded funds that will provide exposure to Egypt and Kuwait. Current ETFs providing Middle East exposure include the Van Eck Market Vectors Africa Index ETF (AFK), WisdomTree Middle East Dividend Fund (GULF) as well as the PowerShares MENA […]

Frontier Investing is Back in Fashion

With risk appetites returning, investors are seeing opportunity in the small developing markets known as “frontier” markets. Frontier markets are those economies that are too small, illiquid or otherwise unaccesible to be classifed as “emerging” markets.  Values can swing wildly as they did in 2007 when many frontier markets delivered double or even triple digit […]

ETFs Expanding in Gulf Region

The Financial Times is reporting that exchange traded funds are gaining traction in the Gulf. According to the article ETF appeal begins to grow in the Gulf, the French bank SocGen launched a Kuwaiti ETF this summer and BNP Paribas recently launched ETFs that track Kuwaiti and United Arab Emirates indices. Additional growth could come […]

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