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Leveraged ETFs Can Deliver Unexpected Results

The Journal’s Jonathan Burton takes a look at the pros and cons of incorporating leveraged ETFs in a portfolio. ┬áThe main point of the piece is that since leveraged ETFs are designed for daily performance, holding them for longer than a day can result in unexpected returns. The leveraged ETFs highlighted in Burton’s column include: […]

Protecting Gains with ETFs

Smart Money columnist James Stewart is reducing his portfolio’s exposure to the stock market by hedging with exchange traded funds. In the recent column It’s a Wonderful Rally, Stewart notes that he has invested in the ProShares UltraShort 500 (SDS) as well as the ProShares UltraShort QQQ (QID) as a way to hedge his positions […]

Leveraged ETFs and Late-Day Volume

Back in December, the Wall Street Journal‘s Tom Lauricella began looking into the impact that leveraged ETFs have on late-day trading volumes. In the article, Are ETFs Driving Late-Day Turns?, Lauricella details the debate around the relationship between the rising popularity of leveraged ETFs and the large moves in the last hour of trading. People […]

Leveraged ETF Math

Before expecting 200% on market returns, do the math on leveraged ETFs. That’s the message in today’s WSJ article ETF Math Lesson: Leverage Can Produce Unexpected Returns. Reporter Tom Lauricella points out that investors in leveraged ETFs should understand that the funds promise leverage on daily returns, not monthly, quarterly or annual returns. The performance […]

ETF Options

One of the unique features of many Exchange Traded Funds is that investors can buy ETF Options either in conjunction with or in place of an ETF. What is an Option? When you buy a call option on an ETF, you are buying the right to acquire the ETF at a predetermined price within a […]

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