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Dividend Growth ETFs

One way to reduce the risk of investing in dividend ETFs is to focus on those funds that screen for steady growth in dividends over time. That’s one of the premises of Kiplinger’s recent story 5 ETFs That Focus on Dividends. Exchange traded funds profiled in the column includes Vanguard Dividend Appreciation (VIG) which invests […]

Dividend ETFs Attract Income Investors

MarketWatch’s John Spence reports that income-seeking investors are taking a second look at dividend Exchange Traded Funds. Spence notes that investors who abandoned CDs and money markets in favor of bond yields are now anxious about potential losses in bond funds if interest rates rise. Dividend focused ETFs highlighted in the article include the iShares […]

Be Careful When Chasing Stock Yield

Take care before joining the herd of investors who are moving out of bonds and into dividend paying stocks in search of higher yields. That’s according to the WSJ‘s Jason Zweig who worries that investors are not considering the fact that stocks carry higher risk of loss than bonds. His example — the Standard & […]

High Dividend Income with ETFs

Money manager Marvin Appel lays out his case for dividend paying ETFs in a recent issue of Investment News. In the article Reaping high dividend income with ETFs, Appel recommends using ETFs over mutual funds due to lower expenses. He also suggests combining a US focused dividend fund such as the SPDR S&P Dividend ETF […]

Finding Reliable Dividends in ETFs

Smart Money’s Jack Hough screens for stocks paying consistently high dividends in the article 6 Stocks Paying Reliable 6% Yields. The main stock that Hough profiles is the New York City utility Consolidated Edison (ED). Hough points out that the company has reliably maintained its dividend which now yields 6% due to a decline in […]

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