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Deflation and Inverse ETFs

Investors looking for a way to bet on deflation may want to consider inverse ETFs. Greg Zuckerman writes that, to hedge against deflation, some advisors prefer exchange-traded funds that aim to move in the opposite direction of an index that tends to rise in periods of inflation. Examples include the DB Base Metals Short ETF […]

A 6 ETF Portfolio

The WSJ recently profiled Colorado Springs financial adviser Allan Roth to get his view on how to construct a diversified, tax efficient and low cost portfolio with exchange traded funds. The ETFs in Mr. Roth’s streamlined portfolio include: Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI) Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US ETF (VEU) Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF […]

A Bond ETF Portfolio from Kiplinger

Kiplinger’s Laura Cohn recently wrote about the rising popularity of Bond ETFs and shared a diversified portfolio of five of her favorite exchange traded funds. The portfolio includes: 25% iShares Barclays 1-3 Year Credit Bond (CSJ) 25% SPDR Barclays Capital International Treasury Bond (BWX) 20% iShares iBoxx $ High-Yield Corporate Bond (HYG) 15% iShares Barclays […]

A Portfolio of Funds and ETFs

A model portfolio for Sand Hill Advisors uses both mutual funds and ETFs to allocate across asset classes and geographies. As the investment firm braces for higher interest rates by paring back on fixed-income exposure, the managers retain 4% of the portfolio in the iShares Barclays TIPS Bond Fund (TIP).  For mid-cap exposure, the firm […]

Favorite ETFs for Retirement Programs

More retirement programs are adopting the use of Exchange Traded Funds according to the WSJ‘s Ian Salisbury. In the article ETFs Make Inroads with 401(k) Investors, Mr. Salisbury writes that three companies that provide 401(k) plans with iShares ETFs to small employers are Ascensus, Plan Administrators and The Newport Group. The most popular ETFs in […]

Investing in Inflation Expectations with TIPS ETFs

The WSJ‘s Annelena Lobb weighs the risks and benefits of hedging against inflation with TIPS. In the article Investors Seek Inflation Haven in TIPS Funds, Lobb writes that inflation worries has resulted in more than $17 billion pouring into funds that invest in government-issued bonds whose principal grows with rising inflation. While the principal of […]

Loading up on TIPS ETFs

In anticipation of coming inflation, investors are flocking to TIPS ETFs according to the Investment News‘ Sue Asci. In the article Scared investors flock to TIPS as inflation hedge, Ms. Asci reports that the three TIPS ETFs have attracted $5.8 billion of new funds in 2009 through July 31. TIPS, or Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, […]

Investors Flock to Bond ETFs

Retail investors are moving to fixed-incomes assets, especially exchange traded funds, after watching stocks drop 37% last year. That’s according to Forbes reporter Matthew Craft who writes about the move to fixed-income ETFs in the story The New ETF Darlings. Craft notes two of the four fastest growing iShares funds in July were bond ETFs: […]

Inflation and ETFs

Exchange traded funds can play an important role in protecting a portfolio against inflation according to John Spence‘s article Whip Inflation with ETFs. Spence writes that using specialized exchange-traded funds to guard portfolios against inflation is becoming popular in light of massive government spending to combat the economic recession and the prospect of a weaker […]

Investing in TIPS – Active Fund or ETF?

Active fund managers think they can do better than index funds in the market for Treasury Inflation Protected Securities or TIPS. That’s according to the WSJ’s Ian Salisbury‘s analysis of a recent research report by Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO). The report points to the fact that the TIPS market is small relative to the […]

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