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Small ETF Investors Squeezed Out by Regulators

US regulators’ war on speculation is resulting in collateral damage – the small investor. According to the WSJ’s Brian Baskin‘s article Small Investors Face Big Hit in ETF Push, exchange-traded fund investors are victims of the CFTC’s crack down on commodity markets. Commodity ETFs have ballooned to $59.3 billion by providing small investors an avenue […]

Are ETFs Driving Commodity Prices?

John Hyland, CIO of U.S. Commodity Funds, is one of several people expected to testify on Wednesday at a Commodity Futures trading commission hearing on the issue of speculation. The question to be answered, according to WSJ reporter Carolyn Cui, is whether commodity ETFs are influencing the price of the futures they are designed to […]

Natural Gas Prices Affected by Lack of Buying

The WSJ is reporting that natural gas prices are slipping while the giant natural gas ETF United States Natural Gas (UNG) has been unable to create more shares. In the article Natural-Gas Prices Slide as a Key ETF Can’t Buy, reporter Carolyn Cui writes that natural-gas prices dropped 4.3% yesterday. Prices are weaker partially due […]

Natural Gas Fund Runs out of Shares

Ian Salisbury and Daisy Maxey are reporting that the US Natural Gas Fund (UNG) has stopped issuing new shares while waiting on SEC approval to expand. The $3.7 billion fund has recently experienced strong demand, growing from only $670 million in February. UNG’s legal structure limits the number of shares it can create and the […]

Exotic ETFs Require a Closer Look

Some newer ETFs as well as some of the larger commodity ETFs deserve more diligence according to the WSJ’s Tom Lauricella. In the column Far From Vanilla: Some Booming ETFs Need More Scrutiny, Lauricella writes that certain fund pairs that were designed to profit from opposite moves in markets had both either risen or fallen. […]

Natural Gas Moves Up, Solar ETFs Getting Crushed

Smart Money‘s Rob Wherry is reporting that while oil was dropping below $50 per barrel, natural gas moved higher yesterday on an anticipated rise in demand due to cold weather. As a result, the United States Natural Gas ETF (UNG) was up 3%. For more on natural gas, see Investing in Natural Gas with ETFs. […]

Keeping a Toe in Commodities

Smart Money’s Rob Wherry recently examined the logic of maintaining commodities exposure in the midst of a major pullback. The article “Keep a Toe in Commodities Despite Pullback” points out that there are two themes that have been influencing the prices of all kinds of commodities: New emerging middle classes around the globe, and rising […]

Natural Gas ETF Landscape

Natural Gas ETFs are a good way to invest in the world’s ever growing demand for energy. Several flavors of natural gas ETFs are on the market to match almost every variation of risk appetite. The United States Natural Gas ETF (Amex: UNG) was launched as a new way for investors and hedgers to manage […]

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