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A 6 ETF Portfolio

The WSJ recently profiled Colorado Springs financial adviser Allan Roth to get his view on how to construct a diversified, tax efficient and low cost portfolio with exchange traded funds. The ETFs in Mr. Roth’s streamlined portfolio include: Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI) Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US ETF (VEU) Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF […]

Model ETF Portfolios

As the popularity of exchange traded funds continues to grow, more advisors are offering model ETF portfolios as a service. Forbes‘ Richard Ferri takes a look at this trend in his recent article The Next Big Thing: Model ETF Portfolios.  Ferri offers his own “Core Four” portfolio solution that includes an all-Vanguard line-up: Total Stock […]

ETF Portfolio – Long Term Growth

Kiplinger’s Jeffrey Kosnett has put together several model portfolios with the idea that you can pursue any goal with nothing more than exchange traded funds. Kosnett’s equity-only portfolio is designed for investors who have a healthy tolerance for risk and are investing for long-term growth. The portfolio includes 90% equity ETFs and 10% commodity ETFs: […]

3 Portfolios for the Future

In the article How to Build a Portfolio Wisely and Safely, the WSJ’s Jeff Opdyke presents three approaches to building a portfolio in a time of great uncertainty. For investors looking to protect portfolios against inflation, Opdyke recommends treasury inflation-protected securities or TIPS since their principal adjusts upward along with inflation. Altough Opdyke mentions Vanguard’s […]

Take Advantage of Current Market to Rebuild Your Portfolio with ETFs

The severe bear market is providing investors a rare opportunity to remake their portfolios while incurring little or no capital gains taxes. In the article It’s a Great Time for a Makeover, New York Times contributor Paul Lim relays advice from financial planners that now is the time for investors to think about overhauling their […]

How to Make Money in ETFs

Money Magazine’s undercover financial planner recently answered the question How to Make Money in ETFs (and how not to). The undercover planner believes that financial advisers are not big fans of ETFs and regard them as a threat. With ETFs, individual investors can create a simple, low-cost portfolio that beats the pants off professionally designed […]

ETFs for Beginning Investors

US News New Money columnist Katy Marquardt makes the case for exchange traded funds for investors on a budget in her article ETFs for Beginning Investors. Marquardt provides three examples of ETFs that she has invested in to gain international exposure for her portfolio. The ETFs mentioned include Vanguard‘s FTSE All-World ex-U.S. ETF (VEU), which […]

International and US Stocks in a Portfolio

In a recent CNNMoney.com article, “Foreign ETFs to buy now”, The Mole provides investors with useful tips about investing in international funds. It is recommended to have exposure to international stocks; it is recommended to have exposure to US stocks as well. According to The Mole, there are several reasons why not having US stock […]

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