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A 6 ETF Portfolio

The WSJ recently profiled Colorado Springs financial adviser Allan Roth to get his view on how to construct a diversified, tax efficient and low cost portfolio with exchange traded funds. The ETFs in Mr. Roth’s streamlined portfolio include: Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI) Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US ETF (VEU) Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF […]

After the Flash Crash

Eleanor Laise and Jason Zweig sum up the new rules for ETF investors after reflecting on the May 6 flash crash which saw some exchange traded funds temporarily trade close to zero. The advice is mostly common sense – know your risk tolerance, don’t use stop loss orders and check the bid-ask spread. However, several […]

Stop Loss Trades Can Backfire

How to vaporize 10% of your net worth overnight?  Use a standing stop loss order. That was the experience of investor Gary Pinder according to reporters Mary Pilon, Karen Blumenthal and Jason Zweig. Mr. Pinder set a stop loss order that was 20% below the latest high price on his position in the Vanguard Total […]

Model ETF Portfolios

As the popularity of exchange traded funds continues to grow, more advisors are offering model ETF portfolios as a service. Forbes‘ Richard Ferri takes a look at this trend in his recent article The Next Big Thing: Model ETF Portfolios.  Ferri offers his own “Core Four” portfolio solution that includes an all-Vanguard line-up: Total Stock […]

Best ETFs for 2010

Investment adviser Steven Goldberg provides his picks for the top exchange traded funds for 2010 on Kiplinger.com. Goldberg belives that the market will reward shares of the biggest and strongest companies this year and, within that category, the faster growers among them. Goldberg’s ETF portfolio for 2010 includes: 55% Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI) […]

How to Make Money in ETFs

Money Magazine’s undercover financial planner recently answered the question How to Make Money in ETFs (and how not to). The undercover planner believes that financial advisers are not big fans of ETFs and regard them as a threat. With ETFs, individual investors can create a simple, low-cost portfolio that beats the pants off professionally designed […]

ETFs or Mutual Funds?

A Money Magazine reader recently posed the question – ” I don’t understand why ETFs are better than mutual funds.” In the article The best (and cheapest) funds around, Money’s undercover financial planner compares and contrasts index mutual funds and ETFs. The Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI) is matched up against Vanguard’s comparable mutual […]

ETFs: What You Need to Know

New York Times reporter Tara Siegel Bernard provides a primer on ETFs in her article Exchange-Traded Funds: What You Need to Know. Bernard points out that many people like exchange-traded funds, or E.T.F.’s, for the same reasons they like index funds: they provide easy access to broad spheres of the market, while keeping costs and […]

Harvest some tax write-offs | VTI , SPY

Money Magazine’s recent series of tips to make “lemons into lemonade” includes some suggestions for swapping positions to take tax write-offs while maintaining market exposure. Tip 3 is to “Harvest some tax write-offs”. The tip is based on a move called a tax swap where you sell a losing fund and reinvest the proceeds in […]

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