Target Date ETFs aimed at Goal-Based Investors

Back in October, TD Ameritrade and XShares Advisors launched a series of Target Date ETFs aimed at “Goal-Based” investors.

The basic idea is that an investor can get a combination of investments that rebalance over time with a specific exit date that ranges from 2010 to 2040 depending on the fund.

The companies cite several benefits including:

  • Simplicity – all of the benefits of a diversified portfolio available in a single fund.
  • Diversity – multiple securities available under one umbrella.
  • Low expense ratio – standard commissions apply.
  • Buy any number of shares – solutions for all investors, no matter how much is available to invest.
  • Auto-allocation and rebalancing – which helps simplify the investing process.

To learn more, visit the TDA Independence ETFs website.

What do you think?

Does a target date ETF meet the needs of you or your clients?

What questions do you have?

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